Monday 20th June

Jamie’s really excited about the start of Wimbledon. He’s predicting big things this year for Andy Murray – we’re all hoping the weather stays nice although that’s a big ask!

What did your dad do on Fathers’ Day? Jamie had a nice relaxing Sunday eating and watching the cricket (same as every other day then Jamie!).

Louis Spence has written his autobiography which includes the shock revelation that he once stole a can of lager and hid it in his nan’s wheelchair! We’re all looking forward to reading that one..!

The Take That Ticket Office opened at 8:30 this morning. We’ve never seen so many phones ringing at once! Michelle from Caterham will be going to see the boys next week. She knew that they are supported on tour by the Pet Shop Boys. If you’ve not managed to get your tickets yet, there’ll be chances to win all this week on Heart.

Ajiro from Elephant & Castle was today’s Hearticulate contestant and what a ray of sunshine she was! Find out how she got on and play along by clicking on the link below. Would you have guessed the objects Jamie was describing?

Monday’s Brain Of Breakfast question was set by Barbara from Stevenage…

Start with the year the Four Seasons sang about the ‘December’ of,

Multiply by the number of singers in a duet,

Then minus a baker’s dozen.

We’ll give you the answer on tomorrow’s Heart Breakfast blog!

Have a great day x

Ajiro Plays Hearticulate On Heart Breakfast With Jamie And Harriet - 20th June 2011