My trip to London Fashion Week

I went to London Fashion Week yesterday to film some beauty vodcasts for this very website.

Rather than just seeing a show I was given access to the backstage area. I cannot tell you how manic it is behind the scenes of a fashion show. Everywhere you look there are makeup artists and hair stylists fighting over who gets to beautify the model first, stylists ordering the beauty team to hurry up, photographers running around shoving people out of the way and then there are the models who I had mixed emotions about! On the one hand they were beautiful and had legs longer than my entire body but on the other hand they were skinny…and when I say skinny I’m talking bones sticking out, ill looking skinny.

I was really happy to see that all the papers picked up on it this morning because I found the size of the models quite disturbing. Prada and Versace have forbidden the use of size zero models in their shows and yet the British Fashion Council refused to do the same thing. I just don’t understand how they could justify letting these girls represent London for us. London fashion is so forward thinking and yet each year they bring out the same anorexic looking women to model clothes that would look just as good on a real sized woman.

Whilst my introduction to London fashion week was incredibly exciting it was also unsettling and I hope things change in the future and that the industry embraces the idea that you don’t need a size zero model to sell an outfit.