Thursday 14th July

It all started when we had an email from Steve asking what Joanne Travel looks like. Now Joanne is lovely but Jamie was having difficulty painting an accurate picture of her on the radio. Chloe came to the rescue by telling us about a website you can upload your photo to and it’ll compare your face to the faces of celebrities. So who does Joanne look like? Click below to find out!

If you’re going on holiday in the next few weeks will you sample the local cuisine? 4 in 10 people admit they stick to what they know when they’re abroad only eating foods they’re familiar with. We wondered what the most adventurous dishes you’d sampled on holiday were… We wish we hadn’t asked! The answers we got were a bit stomach churning (and sadly unbroadcastable!)

We made Lee from Redhill very happy today by sending him and his wife on a break to Paris. We also chucked in £1000 spending money. We have a holiday in Dubai to be won tomorrow. Make sure you’re listening for your chance to be a winner!

We’ve retired the “objects” category from Hearticulate for a while (because we were getting a bit bored with everyone choosing it!) so maths teacher Adam from Warfield plumped for “people” instead. He did well, scoring 7 (see, not so difficult after all!) and will be going to see George Michael live.

Almost the weekend… We’ll be back tomorrow when it’s Freebie Friday!

So Who Does Joanne Travel From Heart Breakfast Look Like - 14th July 2011