Thursday 18th August

Lads – if you’re out on the pull this weekend Harriet has some advice for you! Click below to find out what it is…

If you’re a bit of a stargazer like Harriet you can now check in to a space hotel. It’ll take a while to get there – two days aboard a Soyuz rocket and it’s a bit pricey (£500,000 for the journey and £100,000 per day). The food won’t be up to much – it’s cooked on Earth and microwaved in space but the view will be amazing!

As the summer holidays continue we’re sending more people off on Staycations. Bernie from Croydon is taking his family to the London Dungeon and London Zoo and Sarah from Slough will be checking out Legally Blonde and Batman Live. If you’d like to be a winner make sure you’re listening tomorrow!

Despite Jamie’s blatant cheating Monica from Brixton scored 6 on Hearticulate. She’ll be going to Jolly Day Out – the festival for all the family. You could be a winner if you score 6 or more (and if Jamie doesn’t cheat!)

Tomorrow is the best day of the week – Friday! We’ll be opening the Heart Breakfast prize cupboard again for Freebie Friday. See you tomorrow!

Top Turnoffs and Dating Don'ts - 18th August 2011