Thursday 19th May

What do you think about chest hair on men? How about tight trunks? Jamie’s got his hands on a list of this year’s top summer turn offs and Harriet’s not really bothered by any of them… Is she still living in the 70s?

Spideyman gave us another call today. He’s been going on bus tours to try and get to know London a little better. He’s been past Buckulum Palace and Malboro Arch but still can’t find his way to Shepherds Bush – he usually ends up in Lewisham. See if you can make sense of it all by clicking the link below.

This morning Kelly from Uxbridge only scored 4 on Hearticulate. It was Harriet’s description of a “flip chart” that she couldn’t decipher. We’ve got tickets to George Michael’s Symphonica tour to be won on Hearticulate all this week if you get 6 or above.

“Pants” was today’s Absurd Word. If you fancy a Heart Breakfast mug to drink your tea from and a bit of a giggle give us a call tomorrow around 6:15 to play.

Tomorrow, we’ll be dipping into our Feelgood Fund to make someone really happy and… it’s Freebie Friday!

Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.

Spideyman Calls Heart Breakfast With Jamie And Harriet - 19th May 2011