Thursday 1st September

Early mornings are a bit of a struggle sometimes aren’t they? Even Jamie and Harriet, who’ve been getting up early for years make the odd mistake… We can’t help feeling a bit sorry for one luckless lady though. Find out what happened to her by clicking below…

With just days until children go back to school, mothers all over the country are busy ironing shirts and booking haircuts – and that's just for themselves. A new survey shows that the average mum takes 25 minutes to get ready for the first day of term - seven minutes longer than it takes her to sort out her children!

The transfer period’s up. We’ve had offers from Stoke and Hull (well, okay – Stoke FM and Hull Sound!) but we can reveal that Harriet is staying with the Heart Breakfast team. Hurrah!

On tomorrow’s show we’ll have your final chance to win a Staycation as the summer holidays draw to a close. You can win a pass to new musical Respect La Diva if you score 6 or more on Hearticulate. Plus, Friday means Freebie Friday with the entire contents of our prize cupboard to be won!

See you in the morning x

Morning Mistake On Heart Breakfast - 0109911