Thursday 22nd September

Earlier this week we were feeling motivated by 6 year old Owen’s wise words for us all on learning to ride a bike. Jamie was feeling so inspired he wrote a rock ballad to spread the message throughout London. Need something to get you going? Click below!

Kate Winslet is to get her own waxwork at Madame Tussaud’s. Jamie had one there a few years ago – it was made of old bits of Mike Smith and melted down to become a member of Hear’Say!

The Generation Gap continues but today wasn’t such a good day for Megan. She lost to her Auntie which means she has to massage Auntie’s feet – ew!

Sarah put in a valiant effort for Carshalton Beeches on Battle Of The Boroughs today. Unfortunately, she got a question wrong so, with the 10 second time penalty she achieved a time of 49.98 seconds. Check out where your town is on the leaderboard here.

Tomorrow, we’ll be saying goodbye to Harriet as she has some time off to give birth to baby number 2. We’ll have your last chance to win a cruise and Friday means… Freebie Friday!