Thursday 26th May

This morning we wondered what the shortest length of time you’d had a job for was. Dave gave us a call to say he went for a job interview but the interviewer was the dad of Dave’s ex-girlfriend. He wasn’t on great terms with Dave so – no job!

Spideyman called. He’s not convinced that Barack Obama really is the most powerful man in the world. He can’t fly or shoot webbing from his hands like what Spidey does!

Sharon from Ashford scored 7 today on Hearticulate with Jamie and places. She’ll be going to Kempton Park Live to see the racing and X Factor finalists play live. We’ll have another chance to win tomorrow.

Mike from Isleworth played Absurd Words and won a sleek and stylish Heart Breakfast mug. If you’d like to play Absurd Words give us a call tomorrow at 6.15.

And well done to Jo from Longfield who correctly guessed the song the penguins were dancing to at our pool party. She’ll be enjoying a VIP Penguin Encounter at ZSL London Zoo.

Tomorrow, we’ll be officially opening Penguin Beach at the zoo and you’ll find out what we’ve named our very own Heart Breakfast penguin.

Have a great day!