Tuesday 20th December

Paul McCartney’s celebrating his first Christmas this year with new wife, Nancy. It’s always tricky to know what to get a new partner the first year you’re together – just ask Harriet! An ex gave her one half of a set of pyjamas (the bottom half). He didn’t last long after that!

Christopher Biggins and Stephen Merchant starred in episode 2 of the Heart Breakfast Christmas Panto. Poor Aladdin’s not having much luck with the beautiful princess. There’s only one thing for it – find the genie and make three wishes. Have a listen below.

Tomorrow morning, Gordon Ramsey will be cooking up a few festive treats in the Heart Breakfast kitchen, we’ll continue our search for London’s favourite Christmas song and we’ll be knocking on someone’s door to give them an Xbox Xmas.

Lots going on! See you tomorrow x

Heart Breakfast Christmas Panto Episode 2