Tuesday 20th September

Can you remember your excitement when you first learned to ride a bike? After weeks of practising, falling off and then finally removing the stabilisers how proud were you? Young Owen achieved this dream and he has some words of inspiration for us all. Click below to listen.

Ever been in a café or restaurant, spotted a hot looking waiter and hoped he’d serve you? A new café’s opened in Soho that gives you the choice! You can be served by Mr Romantic, Mr Cool or Mr Continental… Jamie could get a job there – he’d be Mr Grumpy!

Megan’s been doing brilliantly on Generation Gap. Today, she beat Dad, Mark in the tie-break and tomorrow she’s taking on her headteacher, Mr Wiltshire. It’ll be extended playtime for the school if she wins. Find out how she gets on tomorrow.

Ickenham still reigns supreme at the top of the Battle Of The Boroughs leaderboard. Remember, you could be the pride of your precinct if you get to the top – and we could be giving you £1000! Register to play by giving us a call tomorrow from 6.

James Morrison will be popping in for a chat tomorrow (and hopefully playing a few tunes for us). If you’ve got a question for him, let us know via Facebook.

See you in the morning with another chance to win a cruise and iPod Nana is back!

An Inspiration To Us All! - 20th September 2011