Tuesday 27th September

It’s been 10 years and now they’re back. This morning Lisa, Faye, H Claire and Lee (better known as Steps) danced into the Heart Breakfast studio. Do they all get on now? What’s better best forgotten? Have a listen below!

All this week Tom and Charlie are on a quest to reunite boyband 5ive. This morning we spoke to Hazel who saw two fifths of them at Reflex in Croydon – it’s a start! We’ll be scouring London for the boys so if you’ve seen them, get in touch. 

10 year old Cameron’s knowledge of The Two Ronnies secured him victory today in The Generation Gap. He’ll be playing another member of his family tomorrow with a forfeit for him if he loses!

Not such a good performance from Grays in Battle Of The Boroughs… They went right to the bottom of the leaderboard with a time of 125.59 seconds – ouch! If you think you can do better(!) register to play by giving us a call tomorrow.

Wednesday’s special guest is Danni Minogue. See you in the morning x

Steps On Heart Breakfast - 27th September 2011