Tuesday 29th March

Today, we had another lucky winner in Hearticulate. Shirley from Chingford won a pair of tickets to see Janet Jackson at the Royal Albert Hall. If you fancy winning, then give us a call just after 7 and guess what Jamie or Harriet are describing. 

Also, the excitement is building as we get ready for Rio next week! You'll be able to win family holidays every day to places like Portugal, Madeira and Spain, plus on Friday one lucky family will be off to experience Rio for themselves! 

On a continued mission to get Jamie fit for Rio, Harriet ordered a Power Plate to be delivered. It was so big it wouldn't fit in our studio, we had to put it next door! Jamie claimed he was wasting away just by standing on it! Don't believe him? Neither do we! Check out the video and have a look at the photos on our facebook page

What should Jamie try next? Let us know below!