Tuesday 2nd August

Now summer’s properly arrived in London, Jamie’s been getting excited about the arrival of the ice cream van! It pulled up outside the Heart Breakfast studio this morning. So much to choose from! What did we ask for? Click below!

A British couple have decided to live as native American Indians. They used to be known as John and Pauline but they’re now called Grizzly Walking Thunder (a name Jamie sometimes uses for his wife!) and Small Warrior (a name Jamie sometimes uses for Harriet!). They spend their time going to pow-wows and helping old ladies or drunk lads home (a bit like Harriet’s university days!).

Well done to Ejiro from Elephant & Castle. She made us all smile when she played Wakey Wakey today. We learned a lot about her including the fact that she doesn’t fancy Brad Pitt – she prefers tubby guys like Jamie!

Sarah from Hayes didn’t do brilliantly on Hearticulate though. She scored just 2 with Jamie and objects. You could be going to Kempton Park Live if you score more than 6.

Tomorrow, we’ll introduce you to a new member of the Heart Breakfast team. Who could it be? Find out in the morning!

The Ice Cream Van Visits Heart Breakfast - 2nd August 2011