Tuesday 30th August

Jamie and Harriet are back from their summer holidays and they missed you! Harriet went up north to see her parents and found her “tin of memories” – she’ll bring it in tomorrow. Jamie went to Italy and ate his entire body-weight in pasta!

A new website that uses face recognition software to find our perfect partner has been launched. We’re a little bit sceptical about it – especially because Jamie claims it thinks he looks like Brad Pitt! Have a listen below to find out what else we thought about it…

A study has found that British men are now so vain that one in eight of them refuses to travel abroad without packing their hair straighteners! They also make sure they pack their hairdryer, iron, male grooming kit and mp3 player speakers. Jamie’s more manly than that – he doesn’t even know where the iron is in his house, never mind the travel iron!

We’re back on Wednesday (loving these short weeks!) with chances for you to win a Staycation, tickets to Respect La Diva at the Garrick Theatre and you could pick up an iPod from iPod Nana. Tulisa from X Factor will also be popping in for a chat.

Have a great day!

Lookalikes On Heart Breakfast with Jamie And Harriet - 30th August 2011