Tuesday 5th April

Jamie was in his element this morning as he cooked Brazilian style. Chef Simone was impressed with his culinary skills… but not with his “Domestic Goddess” apron! He managed to knock up a mean Muqueca Baiana - you can download a recipe from our Facebook page.

Jamie’s also made a new friend, local resident Guilherme. Every day Guilherme will be setting a question about Brazil. If you know the answer, you could win yourself a pass to see the new must-see family film Rio at Cineworld.

Joanne Travel made her debut on Hearticulate this morning. She did brilliantly scoring 6 for Sally in Rochester and winning her a private gondola ticket for up to 6 people on Heart’s Hyde Park Celebration Wheel.

Spideyman gave us another call. He didn’t know Jamie was in Rio (despite his super spidey powers!) and hung up when he found out how much his phone bill would be!

Jamie’s next Rio challenge is to play football on the beach. What’s the betting he’ll end up in goal?

It’s still raining here… Almost like being back in London!

See you tomorrow!