Tuesday 9th August

This morning on Heart Breakfast we learned about a lady who’s seen Phantom Of The Opera 9000 times. Usher Sylvia Bailey’s been working at New York’s Majestic Theatre for 25 years and never misses a night. She said “It’s been the same since day one. No changes” (a bit like some of Jamie’s jokes!)

Jamie’s been flicking through the papers trying to find a new job for Harriet… Would she make a good hobbit? Click below to find out!


Ruth from Ealing won her Heart Breakfast mug on Wakey Wakey but she was a bit slow so didn’t upgrade it to an alarm clock. Never mind – there’s always tomorrow.

Stacey in Ongar scraped 6 correct answers in on Hearticulate (it was close!). She did get the Heart Breakfast alarm clock. Well done Stacey.

For the next few weeks we’ll be offering you a Staycation. Phil from West Sussex and Katie from Blackheath identified the celebrities we’d put on the ghost train and won 2 day passes to Alton Towers. There’ll be more chances to win your share of £10,000 worth of family days out tomorrow.

Ipod Nana’s back in the morning with your chance to grab yourself an iPod. We’ll also keep you updated on the latest news and travel to make sure you get to work safely.

Would Harriet Make A Good Hobbit? - 9th August 2011