Wednesday 10th August

We all love the people in the IT department at Heart. They know how to fix everything we break (they always beat us at Angry Birds as well!). However, their fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired! So who are the world’s least glamourous geeks? Have a listen below to find out!

Adele says she’s at her most creative when she’s had a few drinks. She said “A drunk tongue is an honest one in my opinion and the next morning I would read it through with an awful hangover and, in the cold light of day, had to absorb my feelings about myself. I was a bit scared that I wouldn't be articulate enough." We totally agree although 6 o’clock in the morning is a bit early for us!

The winning continues this week on Heart Breakfast. If you’re struggling to keep the kids occupied this summer holiday you can win yourself a Staycation. This morning Jane from Hammersmith and Jason and Carly from Kent won their two day passes to Alton Towers including accommodation.

iPod Nana shuffled back in to sing us a song from her iPod. This morning it was A Million Love Songs by Take That which won Jason from High Wycombe his very own Heart Breakfast iPod Nano! There’ll be another chance to win next week.

And Lisa from Guildford texted her friends to let them know she was on Wakey Wakey today. She probably wishes she hadn’t though because she only answered two questions. Back to bed for you Lisa!

Sarah from Englefield Green grabbed herself a Heart Breakfast alarm clock on Hearticulate – well done Sarah!

We’ll be back tomorrow from 6. See you then!

IT Geeks And Their Weird Fashion Sense! - 10th August 2011