Wednesday 11th May

We’re loving making dreams come true this week on Heart Breakfast. Today, we told 7 year old Joe and 5 year old Ross from Beaconsfield that they’ll be going to Disneyland Paris for the Magical Moments Festival. Have a listen below. It brought tears to our eyes!

Dolapo from Wembley played Absurd Words to win a much sought-after Heart Breakfast mug. Today’s absurd word was “aardvark”. If that makes no sense to you, have a listen tomorrow at 6.25 and all will become clear!

Jordan from Enfield didn’t do quite so well on Hearticulate. He scored 1 although we blame Harriet for being unable to describe “chewing gum”! He’s won a Heart Breakfast mug as well though so it’s not all bad…

And fans are queuing up in Birmingham for Cliff Richard tickets (there’s not much else to do in Birmingham!). We wanted to know what lengths you’d gone to see your idol. Lesley gave us a call from Bexleyheath to say she’d seen Donny Osmond over 45 times!

Stacey Solomon will be our special guest tomorrow. If you’ve got any questions for her let us know via Facebook.

See you tomorrow x

Joe And Ross Are Off To Disneyland Paris With Heart Breakfast 11th May 2011