Wednesday 13th July

On this morning's Heart Breakfast we wanted to know if you’d ever spotted anyone famous on holiday. Jamie once spotted Bruce Forsyth washing his socks in Italy! Pauline and Sarah gave us a call to tell us who they’d seen. Have a listen below.

Is there a fella who flirts with you at work? If there is, he might not fancy you – he may just be bored! Researchers at the University Of Surrey asked 200 people if they flirted at work and why. The results revealed a clear difference between the sexes. Women who flirted were just as happy in their jobs as those who kept relationships on a strictly business basis. However, male flirts tended to be less satisfied with their lot.

If you’re a bit sick of the not very summery weather then we have the solution! We’ve teamed up with Marriott Hotels to give away some amazing breaks to top locations. This morning we sent Jackie from Addlestone to Rome. Tomorrow we could be sending you to Paris!

Janet from Gravesend bravely picked the “people” on Hearticulate. She did well, scoring 6 and winning tickets to see Bryan Adams live at the O2. Tomorrow, we have George Michael tickets to be won.

See you tomorrow at 6.

Pauline And Sarah Call Heart Breakfast And Tell Us Who They've Spotted On Holiday - 13th July 2011