Wednesday 22nd June

A list of sounds that annoy us the most has been published… Luckily, we’re not on it. Adults doing baby talk and people talking loudly on their mobiles are though. Find out what else is and what Jamie thinks should be on the list by clicking below.

Do we invent things because we really need them or because we can? Jamie’s discovered a bizarre new invention called a Treebot that basically helps out humans who are stuck up trees! We’d just like someone to invent a modem that works properly!

Heart’s Take That Ticket Office opened again today. Debbie was our lucky winner. Remember, you need to keep listening to Heart for your big chance to win.

Our mid week Brain Of Breakfast question was set by Jenny from Lambeth…

Add the hours together that Dolly Parton sang about, minus the sides on a hexagon, multiplied by the date Bonfire Night takes place on divided by the number of letters in the name “Jamie”

Find out the answer to that one tomorrow. Yesterday’s answer was 63.

Have a great day.

Annoying Noises On Heart Breakfast With Jamie And Harriet - 22nd June 2011