Wednesday 24th August

Earlier this week Tom and Charlie caught up with the stars of One Day, Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Find out how they brought the iconic book to the big screen and what Anne thinks of London by clicking below…

Lord Of The Rings fans can now visit a Middle Earth themed hotel in the US. It sounds amazing with rooms equipped with all the latest gadgets. We think they should do some more themed hotels… What about Hogwarts? You could have your evening meals in the Great Hall and play Quidditch. Perhaps a Fawlty Towers themed hotel wouldn’t be such a good idea though!

Midge from Leytonstone was our Wakey Wakey contestant this morning. She sounded awake but didn’t get all 5 questions right! We’ll send a Heart Breakfast mug though so she can have an extra cup of coffee tomorrow morning.

John in Stratford scored 6 on Hearticulate winning a pair of tickets for Ladies Day at Kempton Park with our very own Toby Anstis. You could be a winner tomorrow if you score 6 or more.

If you’re struggling to keep the kids entertained in rainy London this week then we have the answer – Heart Breakfast’s Staycation. Theresa in Lewisham won tickets to Dr Who Live and Donna from Lakeside will be going to the London Dungeon and London Zoo with her family.

The most experienced member of the Heart Breakfast team, iPod Nana dropped in today. She sang George Michael’s Faith from her iPod and won Jane from Acton an iPod of her own.

We’re back tomorrow when you wake up. Have a great day!

Anne Hathaway And Jim Sturgess Chat To Tom And Charlie - 24th August 2011