Wednesday 25th May

Harriet’s detected a bit of a buzz around London town brought on by President Obama’s visit. Jamie gave the most powerful man in the world a quick call this morning to find out if he’s enjoying his time here. Have a listen to the call below…

JT’s eagerly waiting for his Olympics tickets but they’ve not taken his money yet. He was excited when he got an email from the Olympic organisers but it was only to tell him that they were dealing with postal order payments first! Postal orders? Who uses them these days? The last time we used one was to renew our subscription to Whizzer & Chips!

Tracey from Hemel Hempstead was a happy bunny this morning. She identified Club Tropicana as the song the penguins were dancing to at our penguin pool party! She’ll be taking her kids to the opening of Penguin Beach at ZSL London Zoo. There’ll be another chance to win on tomorrow’s Heart Breakfast.

Tony from Kingsnorton did really well on Hearticulate – it was almost as if he could read Jamie’s mind! He scored 8 which bagged him a trip to Kempton Park Live to see the horse racing and X Factor finalists play live. If you want to be a winner tomorrow give us a call.

And today’s Absurd Word was gerbil. It was an important word for Nick from Hayes… The gerbil won him an exclusive limited edition Heart Breakfast mug. If you want one too (we’ve got thousands of them!) give us a call tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Jamie From Heart Breakfast Calls Barack Obama - 25th May 2011