Wednesday 28th September

She’s a singer, actress, model, X Factor judge and she’s tiny! Dannii Minogue made a sound judgement and dropped in to see us this morning. Find out how she found her style, why she’s no longer on X Factor and how being a mum’s changed her life by clicking below…

Apparently, most women have more fun on a night out with the girls than on a romantic night out with their man. Tom’s fairly confident that his wife prefers a night out with him – well, she would say that to his face!

We hear that the present a girl wants the most is jewellery. Charlie once split up with a boyfriend who bought her a giant gold split heart that turned her neck green. Let that be a lesson to you fellas!

We have a new leader in Battle Of The Boroughs – congratulations to Walton On Thames with an excellent time of 39.43 seconds. Want to be the pride of your parish? Register to play by giving us a call tomorrow. You could win £1000!

Cameron did brilliantly again on The Generation Gap this morning. Tomorrow he take on his deputy head, Mrs Marsh!

Our guest on Thursday will be funnyman James Corden. See you tomorrow!

Dannii Minogue On Heart Breakfast - 28th September 2011