Wednesday 30th March

Jamie continues in his effort to get fit for Rio. Today, he swapped a Power Plate for a Water Rower. It actually uses real water and makes relaxing wave sounds as you row. Jamie loved it but said he felt “tired and emotional” after a vigorous workout session! Check out the photos on our Facebook page.

We discovered that Jamie’s a real expert on Miss Marple… In fact, he’s such a fan he even starred in an episode in 2004. Have a look at this and check out that posh accent! (Jump to 2.45)

Daniel was taking his friend to the hospital… but he had time to stop and play Hearticulate! He didn’t do very well though – just two correct answers. Daniel didn’t know who Gary Barlow was but his friend was alright… so that’s okay!

We’re making our last minute preparations for Heart Breakfast next week live from Rio. Jamie will be sampling the sights and sounds of Brazil and you’ll have the chance to win some amazing holidays for you and your family.

See you tomorrow!