Friday Blog: Nice Spice

Emma's judging on a TV talent show this weekend but surely she's too nice for that?

How do you tell Bobby Davro he's just not good enough? It's a job for Emma Bunton but she needs to toughen up first! Luckily, Jamie's got what it takes to whip her into shape! Have a listen below...

We established yesterday that Emma's unable to say the word "Massachusetts" so we tested London to find out if they could say it. Turns out Emma's in the minority but there are lots of words you just can't say... Examples include "ibuprofen", "brewery" and "vanilla"!

And our Top 10 was rude foods (foods that sound a bit naughty but actually aren't). We had a snigger at coq au vin, big baps and spotted dick. Maybe it's just that it's Friday or maybe it's just our sense of humour!

We're back on Monday with your chance to win an amazing holiday! x

Nice Spice - 28th Jun 2013