Friday Blog: Runners Roll Call

Jamie's decided not to enter the Marathon this year. He's a little bit out of shape.

But this morning on Heart Breakfast we saluted the runners of London. Have a listen below to hear some of our heroic listeners, young an old (and one who sounds a lot younger than she really is!).

Emma's 80s themed fancy dress party is this weekend and we've been trying to find something for her to wear. So far she's been She Ra, a Rubik's Cube, Bananaman, Pacman and this morning - Top Gun!

Emma Top Gun

It's been a great week of guest with Blue, Buble and Banjo joining us in the studio and, in something of a revelation, Emma revealed she prefers Banjo to Buble! When put to the vote you agreed. We're definitely feeling the Banjo love!

Have a great weekend x

Runners Roll Call On Heart Breakfast - 19th Apr 2013