Strike Busting Ideas

Ahead of the Tube strikes Jamie set up three alternative modes of transport for Harriet to test out.

There’s going to be another tube strike and getting to work tomorrow morning could be a bit of a nightmare.

The tubes won’t be running and traffic will be busy. We need alternative ways to get work.

Never fear, Heart Breakfast is here!

Jamie sent Harriet off to investigate some alternative modes of transport this morning.

First up, the micro-scooter. It’s light-weight, nippy and gives you a workout. But…. after zipping round Leicester Square, Harriet reckoned she needed something that uses less energy. Plus she couldn’t have her coffee while scooting.

So Jamie suggested Matthew Miller aka Miller The Pillar! He’s a pro-bodybuilder and a celebrity trainer. He came to give Harriet a lift to work… literally!

Harriet was more taken with Matthew (unsurprisingly). He picked her up and gave her a piggy-back round Leicester Square. But….. it was a little bit jiggly and would Miller The Pillar be able to sustain that kind of pace all the way to work?

So last but not least, Jamie got Harriet to try out a more reliable form of transport. Meet Bay Leaf…. The donkey! Slow and steady wins the race. Look out for donkeys all over London tomorrow morning, helping people get to work!
Have a look through all the photos, and watch the video of Harriet testing out alternative ways of getting to work!