Monday Blog: Backstage With Buble

Buble was in town yesterday for an exclusive performance just for Heart listeners.

He's a global superstar but he admitted he was a bit nervous talking to Jamie and Emma. Find out how he deals with his nerves and what important information he keeps in his watch below!

It's the start of Wimbledon today and we were talking a load of balls with our Top 10 - tennis themed songs. How about Let's Hear It For The Ball Boys, Racket Man and the number one - Blue's One Love! Gettit?!

We've also invented our own Wimbledon game - Telephone Tennis. Today we called Holly Willoughby to see if she was "in" or "out". Which unsuspecting celeb will we be dragging out of bed tomorrow?

See you in the morning x

Backstage With Buble - 24th Jun 2013