Monday Blog: Making Up London!

After hearing that singer Katherine Jenkins spends £1500 a day on a make-up artist, Jamie decided on a change of career...

How hard can it be to slap a bit of blusher and mascara on? Anyone can do it right? Jamie's decided if it's going to earn him some serious cash it's time to give it a try! Have a listen below.

Jamie Theakston making up Emma Bunton

The Apple wallet's been launched which could spell the end for a traditional wallet. We counted down your Top 10 things that won't exist in 10 years from now. You suggested pilots (scary!), shops and the number one - men!!

Tomorrow we'll have another chance for you to win £2000. There'll also be an Oscar Winning Performance and if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on Emma will have the Thing You're Most Likely To Hear People Say Today!

Enjoy the sunshine... See you tomorrow...

Making Up London - 3rd Jun 2013