Monday Blog: Man! I Feel Like A Woman

How will Jamie cope with a massive belly?

Jamie's used to carrying a bit of weight around but today was an even bigger challenge! Jamie and Emma are challenging each other to master the skills of the opposite sex - starting with pregnancy. How will Jamie deal with being 9 months pregnant? Is it a boy or a girl? who's the father? Find out on tomorrow's Heart Breakfast!

Stephen Taylor from Coventry has regained the record for the world's longest tongue at 9.8cm. Always up for a challenge Jamie and Emma had a measure to see if they could make it into the record books. Emma's is is 4.5cm and Jamie's is 6 - nowhere near as big as his belly!

Tomorrow, we'll have the chance for you to grab a great family break at Center Parcs. See you tomorrow x

Man! I Feel Like A Woman - 9th Sep 2013