Thursday Blog: Roll Call Of Fame

Yesterday, Jamie and Emma got an email from Russell Brand...

Not THE Russell Brand but someone who shares his name. We wondered how many other famous people are lucky enough to share their names with Londoners... It turns out that quite a few do! Have a listen to our role call of fame below!

Tonight it's the Heart Breakfast Big Night Out. Emma thought a nice restaurant meal followed by a few cocktails and a trip to Viva Forever would be a treat for the whole team. Jamie, on the other hand thought beer festival followed by flea market. After the toss of of a coin it was decided that we'd go and see Viva. Be gentle with us tomorrow!

On Friday's show you'll be able to win a whole stack of prizes in Freebie Friday and (if we don't spend it at the bar tonight) you could win £2000!

Enjoy the sunshine x

Roll Call Of Fame - 6th Jun 2013