Thursday Blog: Will Power!

Will Smith and his son, Jaden were on Heart Breakfast this morning.

So what's it like having a famous father? Is Will really "daddy cool"? How well does Jaden know Will and what's their latest film like? Answers below!

Emma had a bit of a rough night last night and wanted a quick massage to make her feel better. Jamie's big bear hands weren't up to the task so we asked London if anyone would like to volunteer. The phones rang off the hook! In fact they're still ringing now so thanks for all the offers..!

Yesterday, the Rear Of The Year award was presented to Flavia and Vincent from Strictly. We wanted to know if you'd ever won any unusual awards and got some great answers. Included in our top 10 were "office tea drinker of the year", "most likely to marry a ginger girl" and the number one - "longest tongue in London". Well done Steve for winning that... So many questions!

We're back tomorrow with more holiday essentials to be won, there'll be another Oscar Winning Performance and it's Freebie Friday!

Will & Jaden Smith On Heart Breakfast - 30th May 2013