Tuesday Blog: Bunton's Buns!

Emma likes a cake or two so if she wasn't a Heart Breakfast presenter she'd be a cake shop owner.

We were thinking that maybe some celebs are in the wrong job so with that in mid we compiled or Top 10 celebrity High Street stores! Have a listen below...

To coincide with Wimbledon fortnight we're playing Telephone Tennis. Each day we'll phone a celeb from Emma's phonebook and find out if they're "in" or "out". Today, we got Daniel Radcliffe's voicemail so he's out!

Jamie V Emma tomorrow will be a spelling challenge. That's S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G! Find out who's an alphabet amateur and who's swallowed a dictionary tomorrow morning from 6! x

Bunton's Buns - 25th Jun 2013