Tuesday Blog: Dunk Off

It's the biscuit battle - Rich Tea versus Chocolate Digestive!

As Autumn descends the list of the nation's favourite bisucits is once again unfurled. At Heart Breakfast we could discuss the merits of various biscuits but surely it's better to put them to a more rigorous scientific test? Time for a dunk off! Have a listen below.

Jamie did alright yesterday carrying his enoromous belly around as 9 months pregnant Janey. This morning it was time to test Emma's "man skills" in a blokey pub chat. She kept up with the boys in the banter but struggled to tell us what colour England play in or what roads are an alternative to the M1!

Jamie and Emma are back in the morning with a chance for you to win a great family break to Center Parks in Woburn.

Dunk Off - 10th Sep 2013