Wednesday Blog: Picture Box

Nige from the office has a picture of his gas meter - he sends it to the gas board when they ask for his readings.

Matthew from the office has a photo of a carton of milk so he can get his housemate the right type the next time he goes shopping. Tony from Leytonstone told us he has a picture of the back of his telly. Why? Click below to find out!

Property expert Amanda Lamb gave us a call to give some tips on how to spend the Who's On Heart £125,000 jackpot. If you fancy moving to Florida you could get a4 bedroom detached house with swimming pool or, if you prefer a 2 bedroom chalet in Brazil with its own private pier!

We'll be celebrating the end of Dry January tomorrow morning on Heart Breakfast and Emma Bunton will be letting us know what she's been getting up to with the cast of Glee in LA!

Why Does Tony Have A Picture Of The Back Of His Telly? - 30th Jan 2013