Wednesday Blog: Tour de Heart

Kimberley Walsh joins in our morning exercise!

Kimberley Walsh popped in to Heart Breakfast to tell us all about her new bike riding project. Of course we had to challenge her to a ride around the Heart office - we couldn't get our hands on any adult bikes though so children's models had to do! Shouldn't be a problem for Baby though? Have a listen below!

Emma Bunton & Kimberley Walsh on bikes

Kimberley Walsh Heart Breakfast Sky Ride

A new sport is to be included in the 2020 Olympics which got us thinking about a sport we'd like to see. We had some great suggestions for our Top 10 including sale shopping, egg & spoon racing (one of Joanne Travel's favourites!) and the number one - mud wrestling (suggested by a Mr J Theakston). More Top 10 tomorrow.

Also tomorrow we'll have some great holiday essentials to be won so you can jet away to the sunshine and Will Smith is our special guest.

See you tomorrow x

Tour De Heart - 29th May 2013