Chasing Shadows

It's the middle of the week and it's as if the powers that be realised that we all couldn't take anymore of the awful snow and ice, so dished out a blanket of blue sky and sunshine instead. Thank you!

Yesterday I tweeted that London looked like a really depressing place. Today it couldn't be more different, so I thought it would be nice to take Tate to the park. In fairness he didn't deserve it after keeping us up all night again, making it nearly 2 years of no clear sleep in the Bentley household. But how could I resist when I saw him look out the window and smile! I'm such a softie.

What a fun time we had, especially when Tate found his shadow. He couldn't work out why when he ran after this black figure on the floor it would always run just ahead of him, unless he changed direction and it was behind him. Soooo cute! I happen to catch him in the act with my iPhone. It's such a brilliant photo. I was thinking what it would be like to go back to those times of being so innocent? Just imagine no bills to pay, no house to worry about and when you woke up - everyday was new and exciting. He seems to like puddles too (see photo). The bigger the better. I did manage to keep him out of 99.9% of them today so I guess I should award myself a medal!

puddleI wonder what he'll discover tomorrow? What ever it is, no matter how trivial, you'll be glad to know I'll be there to get a picture.

If you ever have any advice for me on my journey as a parent, do just shout it at the screen, send me an email. I love hearing from people that follow my blog and I'd also love to include you in days to come.

Just before I go I have to comment on the Brits last night. I was intent on not watching them as the footy was on the other side. Instead I ditched the footy.

You can always rely on the Brits to be controversial. Nice to see Liam Gallagher act like more like Frank Gallagher from Shameless. I was hoping just for once he was going to drop this hard boy rock and rock image. Guess I was wrong there. Pathetic to think that he believes throwing a mic into a crowd is cool? Loved Robbie's performance. True star. I said to my wife that I could see another Knebworth on the cards if he continues like this! Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were great too, but I'm sorry the jury is still out on Florence. I just don't get it? I also thought Peter Kay was an inspired choice of host who dropped gag after gag - I loved his introduction of Mika it had me in stitches. Don't forget you can check out our galleries in our special Brits section.