Flip flops or not?

The sun is out, the sky is blue - people have started wearing flip flops and I can't stand it! arghhhhhhhh!

Why is it that as soon as the sun arrives people believe they are actually living in the Bahamas and even though it's only 10 degrees it's become warm enough to throw away their socks??!! They just shuffle along in front of you like they're living in the country, not in the fast paced capital of the world! Can you tell it gets to me? My rage kicked in today when I spotted the first flip flop wearer of the year at Waterloo station. I tried to get a picture on my iPhone, but it came out blurry - but I've still stuck it up here. Every time I spot a pair I'm going to take a picture to put in the flip flop hall of shame. Maybe if I keep doing it I may rid our city of these awful inventions!


Now, where's my shades?