Lady Gaga remixed

Hi and welcome to Brits day in London! All the big names are circling Earls Court ready to hot foot it down the red carpet. Now you'll probably find this hard to believe, but I've too walked that famous carpet before. It was awesome. Unfortunately all the big celebs had already gone in, so the paparazzi just looked at me and waived me on. I did it none the less.

One of the biggest performances tonight will come from Lady GaGa and I'd like to celebrate the fact she's in town with special little something. For weeks I've had this blog video hidden away in secret and finally I can let you see it. His name is Matt Stringer and I found him through a friend on Facebook. You'll obviously see he's a big fan when you watch this. I mean, how many posters can you fit on a wall? Matt's fused together Lady GaGa's best tunes into one acoustic mega mix. I couldn't believe how well arranged this is and how great Matt's voice sounds. He's certainly got talent, I wonder why he hasn't been on the X-Factor?
I'll be mentioning this on-air today and pointing Ms GaGa to this page to view it, if she has time? So if it is you Lady GaGa, enjoy this performance and why not email Matt back and tell him he rocks! Oh and have a top gig tonight and give Heart a mention!