Lucy's blog - Friday 4th October

Hiya! So, today we were talking about the one thing you have that you just can’t throw away! Mine is this lovely elephant hat and JK’s is on the Heart London Facebook page... go & check it out!

Of course, we wanted to know what you have that you just can’t throw away – here’s my top 5….
Leanne - The one thing I've had since being a child is my cabbage patch kid, it's been that long they've come back in fashion!
An old tin plate that I bought when shopping with my dad in the early 1960's. The non stick has long gone but I still use the plate. Reminds me of my wonderful dad !
Delores - A 60s China cabinet of my dads. The glass is broken the varnish stripped and the legs are wobbly but it was always there during my childhood.
Helen - My pink and white puffalump, had it since I was six!
My wife still uses the same pillow she had as a child and she's now 47... It's minging!
We’re off on our holidays next week, so Roberto will be looking after our show next week. The lovely Ed & Rachel will look after Saturday breakfast for us tomorrow & next weekend too! See you in just over a weeks time, I’m off to sun myself in Ibiza!
Lots of love,

Lucy xxx