Lucy's Blog - Thursday 3rd October

Hiya! So, on today’s show, we asked you about the things that make you go ARRRRGGGGH! This came about after I went for a run, ran for over an hour & a half, but my running app failed to tell me how far I’d run! Aaaaaaargh.

So, what are the things that make you go AAAARRRRGGGHH? Here’s my top 5…..
Louise - When a work colleague drains a can of tuna in the office kitchen sink and doesn't wash it down after. Urrrggghh!
Melissa - Train tickets that come up on barrier with please seek assistance when you are running for train. Apparently it happens if you put train ticket anywhere near phone!
Abi - People that don't use their indicators!!
Joe - Here's what makes me go grrr: IT'S not hard to put an apostrophe in ITS proper place!
Jayne - When you ask someone if they want something from the chip shop and they say "no I'm dieting" and then you get back.... they then take a massive bite of your sausage in batter and nick half your chips. That most defiantly makes me go AHHHHHHHHHHH!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx