Man flu strikes

What an epic game last night at Dad’s football! The final score was 20-12. I know, it looks like some sort of tribute for the Olympics. Even though I was on the losing team (I shouldn’t have admitted that should I?), I did score a screamer in the top right hand corner. I wish I had ‘NEIL BENTLEY+’ as it looked so professional and I’d love to see it again and again! And to think I wasn’t even going to go as this cold (sorry – Man Flu) is taking hold.

Why is it that I escaped getting a cold during all the thick snow and ice and now we get rain and I get a right stinker of one. Even though it’s just a sniffle it does make you feel like you’re unable to do anything. I might even need you to open a jar for me… too weak! Don’t worry though as I’m stocked up with Lemsip Max, Halls Menthol thingys and a 2 litre bottle of water. I’m going to fight this and believe me, I’m gonna win!

In fact picture me with my feet in a bowl of water – wrapped in a blanket – supping Oxtail soup….I’m so pathetic!