The Middle Passage...

It's Wednesday, the sun is out and I'm full of the joys of life. Well sort of. I'm going through one of those 'moments' that tells you that you're getting older and I'm not too sure if I'm comfortable about it?

It all comes down to moving house, something I've talked about in previous blogs. Our house goes on to the market this week and it's all of sudden become a reality and even though I've bought and sold a few times before, this move has other important decisions attached to it.

I bought my first house at 25. I didn't have a stressed bone in my body and apart from looking after myself I didn't have anyone else to worry about. All my concerns were on where I could get the best happy hour drinks and which clubs stayed open the longest. I used to get milk delivered just because it felt grown up! The problem was I didn't drink a lot of milk and you could find varying states of the curdling process in my kitchen... Why did I just tell you that? I don't know, but I think it speaks volumes...

This time I'm 35, married and have the most beautiful son I could have ever wished for. I'm now officially 'sensible' and slightly 'old'. Priorities change. Now it's all centered around Tate and where would offer him the best education. Yep, I've finally hit the period of my life that's all about the 'school catchment area'. NOOOOO! What about if it's got room for a hot tub? What about the surround sound wiring that comes fitted with gold sockets in the living room? What about the games room out the back with a bar? Quite simply they don't exist anymore (not that they did anyway, but you know what I'm saying).

Seriously though it's the first time I've felt the weight of parenthood lay so heavily on my shoulders. Maybe I'm experiencing the first throws of the 'Middle Passage', otherwise known as 'The Mid-Life Crisis'?

Do most parents feel like this when making such a decision or am I alone? Maybe I should just by myself a Harley Davidson and dye my hair blonde...again! lol

*** Actually as I was writing this blog entry I received a picture message from Saffron. The picture of Tate came with a message that read 'Daddy, miss you. I'm playing in the park and wish you were here.'. Suddenly I feel better ***

This blog is only the beginning, so make sure you check back as I'll be filling you in with my progress... It should be an interesting journey!