Monday's here again!

Monday's here again! Hurrah... lol. Why does the weekend always go so fast?

Mine started on Friday, after my drivetime show, when I got suited and booted to DJ at a huge event at the Grosvenor House on Park Lane. It went really well and I ended up playing until nearly 3am. As it was a free bar you can imagine the state a few people got in - not me I hasten to add as I was driving and unlike my younger days I now don't have a drink when I work.

I got in at 4am and was that over tired that all I could do was stare at my iphone and watch random videos until I fell asleep!

On Saturday Saffron and I had a full day planned for Tate so I couldn't stay in bed for very long. After a very annoying wait for someone to come and pick up an eBay purchase we finally got on with our day and headed to one of our favourite pubs in Putney for lunch. We always get lucky and get the window seat with the leather sofas, so Tate can have a good climb and look at all the people walking past. We then pack up the pushchair and headed for Eddie Katz. It's a big soft play and it seems everybody knows about it in South West London. It's always packed. Every time we go I always have the same idea, we should open one! lol. I know, it's probably way harder than it looks to run a business like that, but let's face it it's a business that will always work!!

Tate had a fantastic time and as I work a lot during the week it's a time I treasure. We get to do some proper bonding...oh and jump around in the plastic jungle!

Saturday evening we have a very rock and roll ritual - So as usual it wasTotal Wipeout on telly and a takeaway.

Sunday I was up early to present my new Sunday show, a relaxing mix of songs to get the day underway. Loved that! Then it was off home to grab the family for a spot of lunch in Esher. Bliss!

I was a bit naughty on Sunday even though. Saff and I got a bit peckish and because we hadn't done the big shop ordered in a large pizza! In fact thinking about it our weekend revolved around eating out (and not very healthly at that). As I always say, the diet can start tomorrow - which I know is today, but let's say Tuesday instead!

Right I'm off now to head in to get ready for today's show. Make sure you're listening!