Pants in the Park

Yesterday during the show I received a present. Normally it's a PR firm sending us food or music - that's great of course - but yesterday it was pants!

Big gold pants! Actually they were MASSIVE! I was a little perplexed as to why I was sent them but then after a little research on the internet it all became clear.

They are to help promote the up coming 5km run in Hyde Park called 'Pants In The Park'. How brilliant! You are meant to run in them, but as you can see from the pictures of Chloe and myself, they are quite restrictive. The race itself sounds fun but does have a serious side.

Everybody who runs is raising money for research into prostate cancer. Cancer has affected the lives of members of my family, so I know how important it is to continue raising funds for such a complex treatment. If you have a couple of minutes pop over to their website at and check out what a fantastic job they are doing.

If you want to run and fancy wearing the pants I got sent, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Tomorrow I'll fill you in with all the gossip from Love Music Live with Sharleen Spiteri! I'll be tweeting pics too!