The search continues

So today has been made up of ordering a fence panel and house hunting. Why is my life soooo rock and roll??

I have noticed the housing market jumping out of the blocks this year though, have you? It seems that due to the lack of properties on the market and the high demand of people wanting to move, prices are high and they are selling almost as soon as they are put up for sale. I spoke to one estate agent who told me one particular property had 27 viewings on Saturday and achieved the asking price (which in my eyes was well over priced anyway). It's scary isn't it! Wish me luck, all I'm trying to do is move from my little 2 bed to a 3/4 bed house as Tate requires much more space! (Oh and so does Saffron!) We did see one today that caught our eye - slightly art deco, requiring a lot of updating. Could be a project. Just what I need, another project! lol