The Shouting Man

Last night I watched a low budget British film which has all the hallmarks of becoming a classic.

'The Shouting Men' is the story of a set of Gillingham United football fans who embark on a long journey up the A1, to Newcastle, to watch their beloved team play the black and whites in the FA Cup. Each character has their own specific life issues whether it be weight, marriage or parental and on the 306 mile trip from the Priestfield Stadium to St. James' Park you get to know everyone of them in very unique ways.

Very rarely do I think a film is genuinely 'laugh out loud', but 'The Shouting Men' certainly is. The acting is superb and there are some inspired casting choices. If you were a fan of Lovejoy in the 80's, you'll remember the character of Charlie Gimbert. Well Martin Tierney plays another Charlie in this film, but he's very different to his previous role. Craig Fairbrass, who once appeared in 'Cliffhanger' and 'Eastenders', makes a brief cameo as well as John Barnes and Peter Beardsley. The two main characters are played by the writers of the movie - Matt Daniel-Baker and Warren Llambias - and they are truly fantastic. Why I haven't seen them in other TV dramas I don't know?

I don't want to give away any gems in the film but go and check it out when it gets its limited cinema run.

STOP PRESS: The cast and crew are having a small red carpet event in Leicester Square on Tuesday 2nd March so if you're in the area make sure you give them a wave. What they've achieved on a budget so tight is nothing short of remarkable.