The view from space

An hour ago I had no idea what to write about today? Then I stumbled across an Astronaut called Soichi Noguchi and I just had to let you know about it!

Look up in to the sky now. He’s there, circling earth in a United States Nasa expedition module as a flight engineer. In between making sure he’s getting the correct data back to our planet and working on the craft, he’s using social media to let us all in on why being an Astronaut is so cool. Go back 5 years. There was no way we could have thought this would have been possible?

Have a look at the set of pictures I’ve included from Soichi’s Twitter feed. Picture one is the most incredible view of the Grand Canyon I’ve ever seen and he titled this tweet to President Obama. Picture 2 is of the Sahara dessert through the opening of the Cupola windows, whatever they are? All I know is I’d like windows with a view like that! Picture three is a zoomed in view of Beijing and if you look closely enough you can spot the Olympic stadium – just stunning! Lastly, picture four is a grid like view of the Dead Sea taken 400km above sea level.

99.9% of us will never get to live out the dream of donning a space suit, entering zero gravity and seeing the Earth from space, so I want to thank Soichi personally for letting us at least feel like we have.

You can follow him here: @Astro_Soichi

Right, I must get this goldfish bowl of off my head before Heart Drivetime starts… It’s stuck… No, really… It won’t come off… Nick, Toby, Jamie, Simon – HELPPPPP!