Why did I say 'Yes'?

Ring, Ring. Hello? Hello is that Neil Bentley?. Yes. Would you take part in a survey that will ruin your week? Oh yes, I'd love to!

That is kind of what happened. They didn't quite say 'ruin your week', but you could hear in the tone of their voice that this is what they meant. I feel like I've been electronically tagged and have to stay by a touchscreen PDA 24 hours a day. I already dedicate my life to my iPhone, so I don't need another portable gadget to worry about.

You're probably wondering why I said yes? I am too. I think I thought it would be good to help the research company... and they said I'd get £20 in high street vouchers. Now after working out that it comes to about 11p an hour. What am I doing? Even Saffron said she'd give me £30 to send the stupid thing back. Cool, bidding war!

This survey wants me to talk about what I'm doing every half hour, for a week, covering a range of communicative topics. Yep, it's not even interesting! It's like I'm locked in a room with 'The Krankies' every half hour, being subjected to all their best gags - over and over again! My idea of sheer hell.

Thinking about it, it could be a lot worse. It could only be day one and I could have 6 more days to go...Oh it is...Now I'm thoroughly down in the dumps (see picture...and before you say anything about my purple cowboy shirt, I've already had the mickey taken out of me all day!).