Lucy's Blog - Friday 12th April

Hiya! It’s FRIIIIIIDAYYYYY! Hope you’ve got a fab weekend planned!

If you need a giggle checkout our Friday funny HERE and go to our Facebook page to see a couple of pictures that have been making us smile this week!

So, today on the show, we asked you to complete this sentence…
It’s Friday & I’m feeling good because…
We’re out with all the gym girls & guys tonight including our gym instructor for a Karaoke Chinese in Essex and up early in the morning for 9.30am Step class going to be fun!
Jack - I'm happy because I'm sitting in a traffic jam in my artic, watching every one get wound up. Ps I'm paid by the hour!
Rich - I'm happy because me and my twin have both just picked up our first cars!!
Georgie & Bella - I have just been to Lego Land with my best friend and her family and we got soaked by the water rides!
Steve and Jules are on their way to Brighton to run the marathon on Sunday!
Lily - I feel good because tomorrow I'm going on honeymoon to Mauritius ;)
Tony - I'm feeling good because I'm going paint balling tomorrow!!!
Chris - It's Friday and I'm happy because... IM OFF TO ICELAND TO SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS TOMORROW!!!!!!
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6am…make sure you set your alarm bright and early!
See you then,
Lucy xxx